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Cosmetology Teacher Training Courses in Pennsylvania

Are you currently a licensed cosmetologist? Or, are you training for a career in the field? If so, you may not be too far off from a rewarding career as a cosmetology instructor! Cosmetology instructors work in beauty schools, where they teach, support and mentor students who are training for careers in the beauty industry.

Students training to become a cosmetology teacher in PA must take a cosmetology teacher training course that is at least 500 hours in length to qualify for licensure. Here at Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy, we offer our students a comprehensive 600-hour program to ensure students are as prepared as possible for their role as future educators. According to cosmetology instructor Tammy Smith (otherwise known as Miss Tammy), the cosmetology teacher training course at Jolie focuses on classroom management, classroom preparation, organization and creative teaching skills.

Why Jolie?

Many students who are interested in learning how to become a cosmetology teacher in PA select Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy in Hazleton or Wilkes-Barre. “Our schools offer hands-on instruction and small class sizes which provide a lot of one-on-one instruction,” Miss Tammy said.

Before enrolling in the cosmetology teacher training course at Jolie, students must have completed a general cosmetology program and earned their professional licensure in Pennsylvania. Students should also have a desire to teach. “If you show assertiveness, have dedication and possess a desire to teach, this is the program for you!” Miss Tammy said.

After completing your cosmetology teacher training course, you’ll be eligible to sit for the state licensing exam and pursue a teaching position at a licensed cosmetology school. In addition to teaching, many teachers also choose to work as makeup artists, cosmetology school owners, educational consultants, platform artists and nail technicians. In fact, that’s part of what makes a career as a cosmetology instructor so wonderful — it provides you with the flexibility to explore other careers in the industry, as well.