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Cosmetology Career

Cosmetology Careers: Choose Your Beauty Field

Before a student enrolls in cosmetology school, he or she must first determine what area of the beauty industry they’re most interested in. “Usually students come to the school with an idea of what they want to do: whether it’s to become a hair colorist, a hairstylist or a manicurist,” supervising instructor Renee Tate said. “For those who aren’t exactly sure, our admissions representatives are always available to help.”

With multiple programs to choose from at each Jolie Academy location, admissions representatives also play a big role in making sure students enroll in the career training program that best suits their needs. For example, this means that while students will receive training in manicuring through the cosmetology program, those who want to focus their cosmetology careers on nail art will be best served in a dedicated manicuring or nail technician program instead.

Selecting the Right Career Training Program

At Jolie Academy, students can train for a broad range of cosmetology careers such as hairstyling, skin care, manicuring and cosmetology instruction. Each program is designed to give students the preparation they need to meet their precise career goals and earn their professional license.

  • Cosmetology Program. The general cosmetology program is the most comprehensive career training program offered at Jolie Academy, covering all aspects of hair care, skin care and manicuring. This program is best suited for those who want to begin cosmetology careers as a hairstylist or colorist, while also providing them with the flexibility to perform other basic beauty services as well.
  • Esthetics Program. Also known as the Skin Care Specialist program, this specialized program is best suited for students who are looking for cosmetology careers in skin care, makeup or hair removal.
  • Nail Technician Program. Otherwise known as Manicuring, this program provides hands-on training in all aspects of manicuring, pedicuring, artificial nail techniques, nail art and massage.

If you aren’t sure which program is right for you, speak to an admissions representative about Jolie Academy’s Job Shadow program. This program allows you to spend a day at Jolie Academy to attend classes and get a better feel for the programs and learning environment of the school.

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