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Benefits of Hands-on Learning in Cosmetology

A hands-on profession such as hairstyling, manicuring or applying makeup requires plenty of hands-on experience to master. “Hands-on learning in cosmetology is the best way to learn and experience different techniques, different hair types and how to work on clients,” Jolie Academy cosmetology instructor Dee Ashford (Miss Dee) said.

In school, hands-on cosmetology training is used to teach a variety of techniques, such as foiling, permanent wrapping, color application, artificial nail application and makeup artistry. Throughout their training, students may practice on mannequins, take turns practicing on each other or practice on live models. In schools with a student clinic, hands-on learning in cosmetology is also used as a way to help students learn to communicate effectively with clients.

There are two primary reasons why hands-on learning in cosmetology is so important: it helps students perfect their technique and develop confidence in their skills — both equally important qualities that students must possess prior to starting their careers.

Because of its importance, hands-on cosmetology training plays a large role in the education of students at Jolie Academy. From the moment students begin their program, they spend time each day practicing the theories and techniques learned in the classroom. Class sizes are kept small to accommodate this need, so that every student gets ample time to experience hands-on cosmetology training under the guidance of their instructor.

All of this hands-on cosmetology training means that students who graduate from Jolie Academy are well prepared to take the state licensing exam and obtain employment in the field. This gives them the competitive edge they need to get their first jobs and begin their journeys in this rewarding industry.

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