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Cosmetology License

How to Get a Cosmetology License in New Jersey

Before you can begin working as a cosmetologist in New Jersey, you must first earn your cosmetology license – a process that helps ensure all working beauty professionals in the state have the experience and knowledge necessary to work in the field. Not only does this help protect consumers from a tragically bad cut or coloring job, it protects their health and safety, as well.

Selecting a School

The first step in earning your cosmetology license is deciding on a school to attend. This is a critical part of the process, as the school you attend will play a significant role in your professional development. When evaluating schools, look only at cosmetology programs that are accredited and meet state licensing standards. Also important, is the school’s reputation, the quality of its instructors and the overall professionalism of the facilities.

Study Hard

Cosmetology school is more than learning how to cut and color hair – it’s about learning how to protect the health of your customers, understanding state regulations and learning about basic anatomy and physiology. Take this coursework seriously and learn as much as you can, as this information will be very important to your career and will be heavily emphasized on your licensing exam.

Meet State Requirements

Before you’re able to sit for the New Jersey state licensing exam, you must meet the specified requirements. All cosmetology license applicants must be at least 17 years old, have earned a high school diploma (or equivalent), and completed one of the 1,200-hour cosmetology programs in the state. Students who have graduated from cosmetology programs in another state or country must submit program information to the Board to ensure the curriculum meets state guidelines.

Register for the Exam

After graduating from cosmetology school, you’ll be eligible to apply for the state licensing exam through the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling. To sit for the exam, you must fill out the cosmetology license application and pay the application and license fee.

Take the Exam

Once your application has been processed and approved, you’ll be able to schedule your exam at an approved testing center in New Jersey. Your exam will consist of both a written and practical examination, which requires students to prove what they learned in their cosmetology programs. Upon passing the exam, the board will award a cosmetology license.

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