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How to Get a Cosmetology License

Every month at Jolie Academy, students in the day and evening classes have the opportunity to pamper the graduates of an area business school. At the same time, these students are able to develop valuable hands-on skills that will help them earn their cosmetology licenses and begin their careers.

“We’ve developed a partnership where graduating interns come to Jolie Academy once a month for a cosmetology treatment of their choice,” lead cosmetology supervisor Tracy Cataldi said. “They get their choice of one or two services, which may include a hairstyle, manicure or skin treatment.”

This experience is highly beneficial to cosmetologists in training, as it allows them to practice both their communication and technical skills as they consult with graduates on the right treatment. Students also provide any necessary explanations about what the treatment entails before performing the service under the guidance of a licensed cosmetology instructor. 

According to Cataldi, this type of experience is typical at Jolie Academy, which puts a premium on hands-on cosmetology school training. “We do a lot of hands-on programs at Jolie [Academy],” she said. “We’ve held cut-a-thons, organized fundraisers and done competitions within the school.”

Practicing Your Way to a Cosmetology License

The competitions at Jolie Academy are a fun way for students to think creatively and demonstrate their skills. These competitions are announced in advance and give students a week to practice prior to competition day. “Right now we’re preparing for a candy corn competition, but in the past we’ve done Candy Land, movies and scary movie themes,” Cataldi said. 

Once the theme of the competition is announced, students either work individually or in teams to create their looks. Instructors give students time after class to prepare for the event, ensuring they have plenty of time to work on their looks throughout the week. “On the day of the event, students are encouraged to dress the part, and then we have a competition that is much like a fashion show,” Cataldi said. “It’s a lot like runway stage work.”

These competitions are also similar to the types licensed cosmetologists do for fashion events, providing students with valuable experience in this type of creative work before they earn their cosmetology certificates.

Earning a Cosmetologist License

Anyone wishing to become a cosmetologist is required to complete an accredited program prior to applying for the cosmetology licensing exam. Each state maintains its own licensing standards, both for earning an initial license and the cosmetology license renewal process. 

If you are interested in how to get a cosmetology license, your first step is selecting an accredited beauty school such as Jolie Academy. Here, you’ll go through an intensive program of study in all areas of cosmetology to prepare for your new career.   

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