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Cosmetology School in New Jersey

Becoming a great cosmetologist takes an eye for style, an ability to communicate well with others and a comprehensive cosmetology school education.

If you are serious about starting a cosmetology career, you have to be serious about selecting the best cosmetology school in New Jersey, for it is at these best cosmetology schools where students develop the hands-on training and business skills necessary to do well in this growing career field.

When investigating cosmetology schools in New Jersey, there are a few important features you should look for. These features ensure that the school you select is a professional institution and well-equipped to prepare you for your future cosmetology career.

Features of Good Cosmetology Schools

Although you may have your individual wish list of features you’re looking for in a school, the features listed below should be considered "must-haves" in any school you consider. If one of the cosmetology schools you look at doesn’t have one or more of the following features, consider it a red flag to look elsewhere.

  • Hands-on Training. How can you train for a hands-on cosmetology career without plenty of hands-on training in cosmetology school? Make sure the cosmetology school in New Jersey you choose offers ample opportunities for hands-on learning, whether it is on a lifelike mannequin or in a student clinic.
  • Latest Trends. An important part of being a cosmetologist is knowing the hottest styles in your field. Whether it's a new hairstyle, coloring product or nail application technique, you need to be up-to-date on the latest and most popular information related to your cosmetology career. This education should start in cosmetology school, with knowledgeable instructors who understand the importance of staying current and teaching these new techniques to their students.
  • State Licensing. Every state requires working cosmetologists to pass a state licensing exam prior to working in their cosmetology career field. Requirements for taking and passing the exam vary by state, but generally consist of a certain number of training hours and graduation from a licensed institution. It is imperative that the school you select goes out of its way to prepare students thoroughly for the state licensing exam by offering the correct number of training hours and a comprehensive curriculum, and providing state licensing preparation review courses for students nearing graduation, among other factors.
  • Career Placement. From helping students write resumes to offering job interview advice, career placement personnel are an invaluable resource for students and graduates. Make sure you look for a cosmetology school in New Jersey that has a good career services department and stresses the importance of career placement assistance.

Jolie Academy in Northfield is a cosmetology school in New Jersey that strives to be the very best. In addition to offering all of the above features, Jolie Academy meets professional accreditation standards, hires the very best instructors and remains focused on their graduates’ success. Contact an admissions representative today to schedule a visit and learn more about our programs.

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