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Cosmetology Schools in Western Massachusetts

Cosmetology schools in western MA prepare students for careers as cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians; but as any cosmetology school graduate will tell you, the experience is often much deeper than that. Within the walls of the school you attend, you will make friends, develop professional relationships and create memories that will last a lifetime. “Everyone worked together to help each other through the course,” Jolie Academy graduate Kim Nguyen said. “In the beginning, we were all strangers, but by then end, we were family.”

“I had a wonderful experience at Jolie Academy,” graduate Ivonne Reyes said. “I completed the course I had always dreamed about.”

A Day in the Life of a Cosmetology Student

If you’ve always dreamed about attending cosmetology school, here are a few of the experiences you could look forward to:

  • Passionate Instructors. Cosmetology schools recruit instructors who are knowledgeable, highly skilled and passionate about the industry. These instructors enjoy working with students and are eager to help you achieve your goals.
  • Enthusiastic Classmates. Generally speaking, you’ll be surrounded by classmates like yourself, who are excited to learn, enthusiastic about their futures and motivated to succeed. Throughout your time together, you will lean on each other for support, keep each other motivated and develop lasting friendships.
  • Hands-on Practice. Cosmetology schools provide students with many opportunities to hone their skills through hands-on practice. While in school, you’ll practice on lifelike mannequins, your classmates and ultimately on paying clients in the school clinic. Through these experiences, you’ll develop the skills and confidence you’ll need to become a professional cosmetologist after graduation.
  • A Sense of Community. Cosmetology schools in western MA understand the importance of creating a positive, energetic community for their students. To this end, many schools organize events to keep students happy, motivated and excited to attend class. You’ll find a lot of these events are learning-focused, encouraging students to work together and use their creativity to achieve a common goal.

To get a firsthand look at what it’s like to be a cosmetology student, contact a school and ask for a tour. The Jolie Academy family of schools also gives prospective students the option of attending classes for a day or two to get a true sense of what it means to be a Jolie Academy student.

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