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Learning Techniques in Cosmetology School

Active, or hands on learning, has been proven to be one of the most effective learning techniques for students. One of the places where this is particularly true is in cosmetology schools, where hands on learning techniques give students essential experience and practice in hair styling, manicuring, makeup application and skin care. In fact, without this experience, cosmetology students would be inadequately prepared for their future careers.

Hands on Learning Techniques

Cosmetology schools utilize a variety of hands on learning techniques to teach students proficiency in their programs of study. Beginning students who are just learning the fundamentals of hair cutting, for example, use life-like mannequins in cosmetology schools to develop their skills underneath the guidance of an experienced instructor. Eventually, this hands on learning gives way to experience working in a student clinic – an element of all reputable cosmetology schools which gives advanced students the opportunity to provide actual salon treatments to paying customers. Treatments are overseen by instructors and may include hair cutting, hair styling, coloring treatments, makeup applications, manicures, pedicures and facials.

Another way students develop their cosmetology experience is through externships at salons, spas and resorts. Schools typically form relationships with area establishments where students work part-time to gain real-world experience and on-the-job career training. This experience, combined with their classroom instruction, helps give students an edge when searching for their first jobs after graduation.

Other Methods of Instruction

As valuable as hands on learning is for cosmetology students, it is not the only learning tool used in cosmetology schools. Instructors also use traditional teaching methods such as lectures, slideshows and reading materials to teach subjects such as chemistry, anatomy and physiology, salon management and sanitation. These topics round out the cosmetology school curriculum and ensure all students who graduate are as well prepared as possible for a satisfying career.

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