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Makeup Tutorials at Cosmetology Schools in NJ

Walk into one of the cosmetology schools in NJ on any given day, and you can expect to see students actively engaged in hands-on learning activities which are designed to enhance their skills and spark their creativity. “Our teachers are a super creative bunch,” said Jaime Iacono, Director of Jolie Academy in Turnersville. “Recently, students created skeletons out of vegetables. By making learning fun, we’re able to give students the skills they need to get a job after graduation.”

According to Iacono, instructors at Jolie Academy also host monthly events in which students create makeovers on each other around a particular theme. “Last month, students turned themselves into comic book characters,” she said. “We’ve also done looks from the '50s and Disney characters.”

The Importance of Makeup Tutorials

Makeup tutorials at cosmetology schools in NJ play a critical role in each student’s learning experience, as it enables them to practice and perfect their technical skills before graduation. From selecting the right shade of foundation to blending and contouring techniques, students practice under the watchful eye of an instructor as they perform the techniques themselves on their classmates. After students have developed their basic techniques through makeup tutorials, they’ll be able to move from the classroom to the student clinic, a professional salon environment located within cosmetology schools in NJ where students can perform makeovers on actual clients.

In addition to makeup tutorials and hands-on practice, students learn about the origins of makeup, sanitation techniques, laws governing the cosmetology industry and the basics of day and evening makeup. This comprehensive makeup curriculum is designed to prepare students for the state licensing exam, as well as for a job in the consumer makeup industry. This may include working in a salon or day spa to create makeovers for weddings, proms, photography sessions and other special events.

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