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Hair School

Learn to Perform Permanent Hair Straightening Procedures

From classic styles to the hottest new trends, students at hair schools can expect to receive an education in all aspects of the salon industry. One trend that has really caught on in the last few years is permanent hair straightening, or keratin straightening. This treatment is performed in many full-service salons as a way to increase shine, decrease frizz and permanently remove unwanted waves. As an added bonus, the keratin used in the treatment also strengthens the hair and reverses damage, creating a softer, healthier head of hair.

Students at Jolie Academy learn the fundamentals of keratin hair straightening as part of their cosmetology training. This training begins in the classroom with an education in the science behind permanent hair straightening and is followed by hands-on practice in the student clinic. Students work closely with their instructors throughout the entire learning process in an effort to perfect their technique and develop salon-quality skills. In fact, individualized instruction plays a big role at Jolie Academy, providing students with the personalized, hands-on instruction they need to achieve their career goals.

In addition to hair straightening, students at Jolie Academy can expect a thorough education in:

  • Men’s and women’s hair sculpting
  • Formal hair designs
  • Hair coloring
  • Permanent waving

As part of the overall cosmetology program, students will also learn the fundamentals of skin care and manicuring, with specific instruction in makeup, nail designs, hair removal and facial techniques. This curriculum aims to create well-rounded beauty professionals who are capable of providing a number of salon and spa services. This training can be particularly beneficial for those who decide to open their own business or work in a smaller salon, where professionals may perform a wide variety of beauty services.

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