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Become a Wedding Hairstylist

Becoming a Professional Wedding Hairstylist at Jolie Academy

Many brides planning their fairytale wedding go to great lengths to ensure every detail is accounted for, and after investing so much time and money into the perfect dress, wedding venue and photographer, they’re certainly not going to risk a fashion disaster by styling their own hair! “There is a high demand for wedding hairstylists now because every bride is looking for that specialist to make her day as special as possible,” Jolie Academy cosmetology instructor Ms. Dee Ashford said. “Some wedding photographers are also starting to hire their own wedding hairstylist to increase the value of their companies.”

If you’re considering a career as a wedding hairstylist, a hair design school such as Jolie Academy can help. Jolie Academy’s cosmetology program is well known for its hands-on focus and commitment to graduating well-trained professionals. “Jolie [Academy] is a great choice for an aspiring wedding hairstylist," Ms. Dee said. “At Jolie [Academy], your training will include up-do design classes, hair design demonstrations and lessons on different formal hairstyles.”

A Hair Design School Above the Rest

One of the factors that really sets the Jolie Academy apart from other schools is the focus on hands-on training. Between hands-on demonstrations, mannequins and practicing on each other, students on the road to becoming a hairstylist spend a significant amount of time practicing the techniques learned in class. Advanced students also have the opportunity to work on clients in the student clinic – a very beneficial experience that provides students with real world experience prior to graduating from hair design school and becoming a hairstylist professional. “One of the best pieces of advice I can give you on your road to becoming a hairstylist, is to practice the techniques you want to focus on,” Ms. Dee said. “The more you practice, the better prepared you’ll be for the real world.”

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