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Hair Accessories Used at the Hair Schools

From coloring to up-dos, professional stylists use a wide variety of hair accessories in their day-to-day work. Sometimes these accessories are purely functional, such as to section hair during styling, and sometimes it’s to add special accent, such as a feather or comb.

As students in hair schools learn to cut and style hair, they will use a variety of hair accessories such as clips, bobby pins and feather extensions. Through this training, they’re able to familiarize themselves with the proper use of each accessory to ensure they can provide their future clients with the most professional styles possible.

Popular Hair Accessories

The list of hair accessories used in hair schools is constantly evolving based on the current industry trends. In recent years, for example, feather extensions have become very popular and are now used in many professional salons. Other accessories, such as bobby pins, will always remain popular, as they’re a necessity for many formal styles.

Some of the accessories commonly used in hair schools include:

  • Duckbill clips for adding volume to curled hair
  • Gator clips to hold flowers or feathers in place
  • Butterfly clips to section and hold hair during styling
  • Prong clips to hold curls in place
  • Bobby pins to create up-dos for special occasions
  • Decorative combs to provide an eye-catching accent to formal styles

Learning to Use Hair Accessories

One of the most common ways students in hair schools learn to use hair accessories is through hands-on practice, in particular, their training in the school’s student clinic. Here, students at hair schools have opportunities to provide a variety of services to paying clients, including hair cuts, coloring treatments and up-do’s. This experience is incredibly valuable, as it gives students the opportunity to develop real-world experience in the cosmetology industry prior to graduation.

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