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Hair Schools in Pennsylvania

Students at hair schools in PA study under the guidance of passionate instructors to hone their skills and develop the creative instincts they’ll need to thrive as cosmetologists. From hairstyling to nail care to makeup artistry, students at hair schools study all aspects of the cosmetology industry. This experience not only makes them better hairstylists, but can also open up many unexpected doors in their future careers, including that of a professional makeup artist, platform artist or salon owner.

What You’ll Learn at Hair Schools in PA

At hair schools such as Jolie Academy, students are given the preparation they’ll need to begin their careers after graduation. The first step towards this career is the Pennsylvania state licensing exam, a mandatory prerequisite for anyone who works in the cosmetology industry. To prepare for this exam, and develop the in-depth skills needed to work in a salon, students will receive training in:

  • Hair Care — This includes scalp care, shampooing, hairstyling, braiding, chemical texture services and hair coloring.
  • Skin Care — This includes facials, microdermabrasion, makeup and hair removal.
  • Nail Care — This includes manicuring, pedicuring, nail tips, wraps and UV gels.

Throughout this training, students at hair schools in PA will also develop a thorough understanding of sanitation and hygiene, smart business practices and communication skills to round out their education.

What to Expect

Small class sizes allow plenty of individualized instruction, with teachers working one-on-one with students to improve their technique. At Jolie Academy, this instruction begins in the classroom, with students learning the fundamentals of the industry as well as basic techniques related to hair, nail and skin care. These techniques are first taught and demonstrated by the instructor before being practiced by students on mannequins and classmates. This practice prepares them for the work they’ll eventually do in the student clinic, a real-world salon where advanced students develop both their professional skills and artistic vision.

Schoolwide competitions and community involvement further enhance these learning experiences; for example, students at many schools participate in styling and makeup contests or volunteer their time to do makeup and hair for local theater groups. This additional hands-on experience can be extremely valuable, as it gives students more opportunities to practice their skills, ensuring they leave school confident and ready to begin their careers.

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