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Esthetician Training

Esthetician Training: Hand and Foot Massage Features

A big part of your job as an esthetician will be to make your clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You’ll accomplish this partly through the facial and body treatments you’ll provide, which include facials, body scrubs and body wraps. Also important, however, is providing basic hand and foot massage.

The hand and foot massage you’ll provide as a professional esthetician will be based in reflexology, a practice which believes that specific points on the feet and hands (for example) directly correlate to specific systems throughout the body, such as the heart, liver, sinuses, ears, kidneys and lungs. And although the point of your esthetician training won’t be to turn you into a professional massage therapist or reflexologist, you will receive enough basic training to perform basic massage treatments on your future clients.

There is a great benefit to providing this value-added service to your clients, as it transforms a simple facial or body wrap appointment into a luxurious experience that will not only have your clients looking better, but feeling better as well.

Learning Massage Through Hands-on Esthetician Training

Becoming skilled in hand and foot massage takes plenty of practice, practice that you’ll get throughout your esthetician training in both the classroom and the school’s student clinic. In the classroom, you’ll practice your massage techniques on your classmates, learning how to use your forefingers and thumbs together to massage the hands and feet using firm, but gentle pressure. Then, once your skills and confidence begin to build, you’ll try out your massage techniques on clients in the student clinic.

In addition to massage, your esthetician training will cover all aspects of skin care and makeup, giving you the expertise and technical skill required to consult with clients, make skin care recommendations, give skin care treatments and apply makeup. At the completion of your esthetician training, you’ll be well prepared to take the state licensing exam and begin working as a professional in the esthetics field

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