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Esthetician Career Benefits

Thinking about an esthetician career? Esthetics is a branch of the cosmetology profession that focuses entirely on skin care. From detoxifying facials to microdermabrasion and hair removal, the primary goal of estheticians is to make their clients look and feel beautiful.

As an esthetician, you can look forward to the following career benefits:

  • Career growth. Because of the growing demand for skin care services, the number of esthetician career opportunities is growing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 38 percent increase in esthetician jobs between 2008 and 2018, a significant increase compared to most other professions.
  • Helping others. In addition to being a social career that has you working directly with clients on a daily basis, you’ll have the satisfaction of helping people feel and look better, perhaps by reversing a chronic skin condition, reducing bothersome wrinkles or eliminating embarrassing facial hair.
  • Flexible schedules. Flexible schedules are a hallmark of the esthetician career, particularly for those who are self employed. In salons, opportunities exist for both full and part time employment, giving esthetics professionals the ability to create a work schedule that best suits their needs.
  • Pleasant work environment. Creating a quiet, clean and tranquil escape is the goal of many salons and spas, particularly in the areas where skin and massage services are offered. And while the soothing environment is meant for the benefit of the clients, it contributes to a very pleasing work environment for the esthetician who works there, as well.
  • Multiple job opportunities. In addition to working in salons or spas, those who graduate from esthetician schools can look forward to career opportunities in dermatology offices, makeup and sales.

Before you can begin experiencing the benefits of the esthetician career, you need to enroll in one of the esthetician schools in your area. Esthetician schools educate students in the fundamentals of skin care and prepare them for the state licensing exam. The curriculum at esthetician schools includes: skin anatomy and physiology, common skin conditions, facial treatments, microdermabrasion, hair removal, makeup, massage and sanitation.

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