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When esthetician instructor Madaline Barris (known to her students as “Mrs. B”) became a licensed esthetician in the 1970’s, skin care professionals believed they were on the horizon of a changing industry.  “Here we are, 40 years later, and that horizon is still there,” she said.  “The industry is constantly changing and moving forward.”

To prepare students for these changes, beauty school instructors at Jolie Academy provide students with a wide range of experiences to ensure they have the skills needed by today’s skin care professionals.  So in addition to their esthetician classes, students participate in live demonstrations and attend national conventions with their instructors.  “Right now, they’re preparing to go to the International Congress of Esthetics,” Mrs. B said.  “They’re going for both days and have picked out the classes they want to attend.  When they get back, we’ll discuss what they learned and how they might use that information in the future…they’re very excited.”

Demos at Esthetics Schools

Mrs. B also provided her esthetician school students with a hands-on demonstration recently in sugaring – a hair removal procedure that was popular decades ago.  “It has come through its cycle and is becoming popular again,” she said.  “It seemed like a good time to re-introduce it to our students.”

As part of the demonstration, Mrs. B. showed students how sugaring is used to remove hair from various parts of the body – as well as the proper way to treat clients.   She also explained the difference between waxing and sugaring, including the ease of application and the cost of each.

“When it comes to waxing, I always tell them to treat clients as if they were your mother,” she said.  “You need to be gentle, cognizant of their feelings and respectful of their modesty.” 

Once she finished demonstrating the technique, students had a chance to practice on each other.  Students at the Jolie cosmetology school also have the ability to bring in a volunteer.  “Instead of wax or sugar, students start with a simple lotion so they can perfect their technique,” Mrs. B. said.  “Then they get to try it themselves on a willing volunteer.”

The Importance of Hands-On Training

The hands-on focus at Jolie Academy plays a critical role in each student’s training to become an esthetician.  Throughout the program, each student spends many hours engaged in a program that encourages them to constantly practice and hone their techniques – ensuring they have both the skills and confidence to earn their esthetician certification and begin a career as a skin care specialist.  
If you’re interested in starting a career as a skin care professional, make sure you find an esthetician school that prioritizes hands-on learning and trains students in the most innovative skin care practices.  To find the right school for you, start with a tour of each of the esthetics schools on your list.  While you’re there, don’t forget to book an appointment in the student clinic so you can see the students and instructors in action. 

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