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Maranda Corson Jolie Academy Graduate

Jolie Academy

School is what you make it! I have truly truly enjoyed my short time here at Jolie and I am so glad I chose this beauty school. I have met so many unique individuals who all have very interesting stories. I also met new friends whom have impacted my life and kept pushing me to strive for more. Two individuals have always been there, Audrey West and Taylor Cressman. I need to thank the instructors and staff! Carol, you got me to sign that dotted line and allowed for “coffee breaks”, Rochelle, you picked me up a few times with your inspirational stories, Danielle, laughter shared, Jason and Corey, and can’t leave our Ms. Kelly too! Finally thanks to Ms. Bree!! You helped me get over my testing issues, Ms. Sandy and Ms. Christina, and Ms. Mary for your words of wisdom, and Ms. L for always appreciating me. But, most of all Mr. Phil and Ms. Marie, you lessons have helped me overcome color!! Thank you all!!!

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