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Manicurist Career

Starting a Manicurist Career at Manicure School in Massachusetts

Through specialized nail treatments and basic grooming techniques, the job of a manicurist is to help their clients look and feel their best. Before you can begin your professional manicurist career, however, you must attend a licensed manicure school in Massachusetts. It is here, at manicure school, that you’ll develop the skills and knowledge required to pass the state licensing exam and begin your career.

Manicure School Curriculum

The objective of manicurist programs in Massachusetts is to provide students with the training they’ll need to begin their careers after graduation. At Jolie Academy, this training includes a curriculum rich in theoretical and hands-on experiences to give students a well-rounded education in all facets of the manicurist career field. Throughout your education at Jolie Academy, you can expect to receive a comprehensive education in:

  • Sanitation and hygiene
  • Cleaning and disinfecting work surfaces
  • Client communication
  • Nail structure
  • Common nail conditions
  • The basics of massage
  • The basics of grooming, buffing, shaping and polishing
  • Artificial nail enhancements

Students training for their manicurist careers begin their training in the classroom, where they learn through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice. All hands-on activities are practiced on classmates at this stage of manicure school, giving students an opportunity to practice and learn in a safe, supportive environment with plenty of instructor feedback. As students advance through their programs and develop their expertise, they’ll then begin spending much of their class time in the student clinic, a real-world learning salon where students get to practice their manicuring and pedicuring techniques on actual clients.

Preparing for Licensure

One of the fundamental goals of manicuring schools in Massachusetts is to give students the knowledge and technical skills they’ll need to pass the state licensing exam. At Jolie Academy, for example, students review the material learned throughout their programs and take practice exams to ensure they are as prepared as possible for the test. After successfully completing both the written and practical parts of the exam, students will be able to begin their new careers.

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