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Nail Extension Courses


Nail technician schools in Massachusetts, such as Jolie Academy, train students in all aspects of manicuring and pedicuring. One important aspect of this career is knowing how to artificially lengthen nails with acrylics, UV gels and silk wraps.

The nail extension courses at Jolie Academy are offered through both the manicuring and cosmetology programs. Significant time is spent engaged in these classes to ensure students develop a solid understanding of both the theory and practical aspects of nail extensions. And given the popularity of extensions, this information is extremely important. In fact, professional manicurists will likely give extensions on a daily basis throughout their careers.

What You’ll Learn in Nail Extension Courses

In your nail extension courses, you’ll learn how to add extra length and strength to nails through nail extensions. Some of the key areas of your curriculum will include:

  • Prepping the nail for extensions. Before you can apply extensions, you need to clean and sanitize the hands, remove excess cuticle and remove each nail’s natural shine.
  • Selecting the correct tip. Artificial tips come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different sized fingernails. Part of your education will be learning to choose tips that have full contact with your clients’ nails.
  • Different types of overlays. Whether to use acrylics, gels or silk wraps is both a matter of need and client preference. For example, if a client works with her hands and breaks nails easily, acrylics are ideal. For those who prefer a more natural-looking nail, UV gels or silk wraps are more appropriate.

Additional Training

Although nail extension training plays an important role in a student’s training, nail technician schools in Massachusetts must follow a state-approved curriculum that includes all areas of nail care to prepare students for the state board exam — a necessary prerequisite to working in the state. From understanding the basic nail structure, to knowing how to identify nail disease and learning to give hand and foot massages, a student’s understanding of the manicuring profession will be thoroughly tested through a written and practical exam.

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