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Nail Tech Program


If you’ve ever had a professional manicure or pedicure, you know how much that one simple treatment can boost your self confidence, promote relaxation and give you a polished, well put together appearance. As a nail technician, you can provide men and women with that same level of bliss everyday — all while building a successful and rewarding career for yourself that is full of possibilities and growth.

The first step in beginning your career as a nail technician, is to apply to a nail tech program that offers a rich curriculum in all aspects of nail care and artwork. Jolie Academy, a nail tech school in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, provides students with a comprehensive nail technician program to prepare them for the licensing exam after graduation. “Students at Jolie will learn about gel nails, acrylics, 3D nail art, nail wraps and sculpturing,” said Jolie instructor “Miss Maddie” Yackanich.

Advantages of the Jolie Nail Tech Program

As a nail tech school, Jolie Academy has a consistently good reputation for graduating well-prepared students. “The benefit of attending the Jolie nail tech school, is that it prepares students for jobs as advanced nail technicians,” Miss Maddie said. “Throughout their training, students learn different techniques to help them start their own businesses, along with the most current nail techniques and airbrush designs.”

Students in the Jolie nail tech program also spend a significant amount of time learning fundamental business skills and critical sanitation and hygiene practices. All of this is taught in a hands-on setting to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to pass their state licensing exam and begin a career after graduation. “Our students are very prepared for the job market after graduation because of the intent focus of the nail technician program and the school’s commitment to hands-on practice,” Miss Maddie said.

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