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Nail Technician School in Hazleton, PA

As a cosmetology and nail technology instructor at Jolie Academy, Ms. Renee loves working with students and sharing her knowledge with them. “I teach them everything I can so they’ll have the best possible chance of succeeding in the industry,” she said.

A nail technician school in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Jolie Academy offers a 225-hour nail technician training program aimed at giving students a well-rounded education in real and artificial nail care. The curriculum includes a study of the nails, artificial nail techniques, natural nail growth, the application of shellac (polish) and both 2D and 3D nail art. “Our nail technician training also includes a study of paraffin wax, hot oil treatments, advanced nail art and basic management skills”, Ms. Renee said. “Our goal is to help students prepare for the state boards, so there is a big focus on sanitation and hygiene as well.”

Hands-on Training at Nail Technician School

According to Ms. Renee, hands-on training is an essential part of Jolie Academy’s nail technician training, starting from the very beginning of a student’s education. Early on, students practice on each other and on mannequins; and then, once they have more experience, they can work on paying clients in the student clinic. “There’s a lot of repetition,” Ms. Renee said. “Students learn and practice until they feel 100 percent comfortable.”

This focus on hands-on training is one of the reasons why graduates feel so comfortable going out into the industry after their nail technician training at Jolie Academy. It’s also one of the reasons why Jolie Academy in Hazleton, Pennsylvania has a reputation as being a great nail technician school. Another reason is the dedicated instructors who always go the extra mile for their students. “I maintain an open-door relationship with all my students and keep them going when they need an extra push or confidence boost,” Ms. Renee said. “I see how well they do in school and want to see them become as successful as possible in their careers.”

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