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Nail Technician Skills

Professional Nail Technician Skills: Nail Treatment for Men

More and more men are getting professional manicures these days, a trend associated with an increased desire among men to project a clean, well-groomed appearance. As a professional nail technician, it is important that you are ready for this trend by having the nail technician skills necessary to give nail treatment for men. Unlike women’s manicures (which are about splashy color and nail art), men’s nail treatments are strictly about making the nails, hands and feet as clean and smooth as possible.

  1. Remove any old polish. If any polish is present on the nails, you’ll want to remove it thoroughly by rubbing each nail with a cotton ball soaked in polish remover. Clear polish is particularly popular during a nail treatment for men.
  2. File the nails. Remember to file in one direction only — towards the center of the nail — to prevent weakening. If you and your client prefer, you can use a pair of small nail scissors instead.
  3. Care for the cuticles. Apply a cuticle cream or oil to each nail, massage into the nail bed and soak the hands for 10 minutes in warm, soapy water. Not only will this soften the cuticles, but it will help loosen and remove residual dirt from the hands and nails — a problem that can be particularly bad among men who work with their hands.
  4. Clean and soften. Use your nail technician skills to clean the hands and nails as well as possible — first, by using a nail brush and then by softening rough spots with a pumice stone. Rough patches and calluses are much more commonly seen during a nail treatment for men, and it’s important for a professional nail technician to understand how to tackle these problems and restore softness.
  5. Fine-tune the hands. With the hands mostly done, take a closer look to see what else needs to be taken care of. Perhaps the cuticles could use to be pushed back with an orangewood stick, there are hangnails that need your attention or there are stains that need tackling. If a cuticle remover is required, now is the time to apply that as well.
  6. Smooth and shine. The last step in providing nail treatment for men is to buff the nails until they are smooth and shiny. If your client requests either a coat of clear enamel or a colored polish, this is the time to apply that as well.

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