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Teacher Spotlight of the Month: Michele Kurtz

Michele stresses the importance of continuing education, even after you’re certified, in order to stay on top of trends. It is what brought her to Jolie Academy to teach, after managing and owning her own salon. It is what has continued her evolution, as she strives to become a state board examiner.

“The joy and excitement students feel when helping clients makes me proud,” says Michele. “I enjoy watching the light bulbs go off when they begin to understand the process and become more independent when servicing clients.”

Cosmetology school is what Michele says really brought her out of her shell. Before her enrollment, she said she was shy, but since completing cosmetology school she has blossomed. Her excitement and outgoing personality is something she wants to share with her students, now as a teacher.

“My best experience in cosmetology school was the day I decided to break through the comfort wall surrounding me, take a deep breath, and truly absorb the education that was being made available to me.”

Michele also values the support system she can provide to her students, outside of the home. She stresses how much value she has in making a difference in the lives of each and everyone one of her students.

Her final advice to her students is: “You have the skills, abilities and education to help people feel good about themselves and the way they appear. There will always be challenges; how you meet those challenges will define your character and your career. You have to learn to walk before you can fly. ”
















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