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Nurse Aide Classes


Jolie Academy’s Nurse Aide classes provide you with a comprehensive background in nursing, anatomy, physiology, and patient care. Through clinical and hands-on training, you will learn communication and patient interaction techniques that will enable you to provide compassionate caregiving for your community.

Anatomy & Physiology

Our Nurse Aide classes provide you with a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. Anatomy is the study of the structure of the body and the relationship between different body parts. Physiology refers to the functions of parts of the body, as well as the body as a whole.

Medical Terminology

With Jolie’s Nurse Aide classes, you’ll also learn important medical terminology you’ll use every day on the job. Anatomic parts, medication, insurance, procedural, and other medical terminology will be covered.

Nursing Skills

From communication to procedural skills, you will learn many nursing skills in both classroom and hands-on sessions.

Personal Care Skills

Many Nurse Aides perform some form of personal care for patients. Whether you are a Nurse Aide in a hospital or work for a doctor assisting patients, you will need to learn many personal care tasks and procedures.

Infection Control

It is critical to learn the basics of infection control to prevent disease from spreading and to prevent infection when treating patients. Our Nurse Aide classes will provide you with the background in pathogens, diseases, and viruses to provide the best care for your patients.

Care for Cognitively Impaired

Individuals who are cognitively impaired sometimes require the assistance of a Nurse’s Aide to perform certain activities. Not only will you learn how to care for these individuals in our Nurse Aide classes, but you will also learn how to provide compassionate care and communicate effectively with them.

Safety & Emergency Procedures

Sometimes Nurse Aids need to perform emergency procedures when a patient is in danger. Our program provides you with the training you need to save people’s lives in emergency situations, from CPR to the Heimlich maneuver.

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