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Nurse Aide Career Training in Pennsylvania

As a nurse aide, you’ll play a very important part of the healthcare team by providing basic care to residents and patients in hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. From helping these individuals to dress, to helping them eat and bathe, your care will ensure that they are able to complete their activities of daily living successfully.

You’ll also be part of a career that is in very high demand, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting higher than average growth rates for those who have completed a nurse aide training program. This growth is fueled by the aging baby boom population and the growing rates of chronic conditions that necessitate higher levels of care.

Nurse Aide Career Training

To begin a career as a nurse aide, your first step is to enroll in a career training program such as the Nurse Aide Training program at Jolie Academy. This program is designed to give students the knowledge and skills they’ll need to work in this allied health field through a combination of classroom and hands-on career training in:

  • Basic nursing
  • First aid and CPR
  • Measuring vital signs
  • Record keeping
  • Communication and teamwork

You’ll also learn about the aging process and the importance of providing residents and patients with the highest levels of compassion and respect, along with the importance of your own personal grooming habits and how that will factor into your success as a professional nurse aide.

Jolie Academy provides students with a 120-hour nurse aide career training program, which includes 65 hours in the classroom and 55 hours at an outside clinical site. This externship experience plays a critical role in students’ nurse aide career training by giving each student real-world experience in a nursing home or long-term care facility prior to graduating from school. This experience will help solidify the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom, ensuring that students are well prepared to enter the workforce once their nurse aide training is complete.

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