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Nursing Assistant Training


As a nursing assistant or nurse aide, you’ll play a critical role in the healthcare industry by providing direct care to patients in hospitals, hospice units, long-term care facilities and nursing homes. In fact, up to 90 percent of the direct care these patients receive will be from you, the nursing assistant. From taking vital signs, to assisting with treatments to helping patients bathe and eat, your role will both support the nursing staff and ensure that each patient is as comfortable as possible.

The Jolie Nursing Assistant Training Program

Nursing assistant schools such as Jolie Academy train students for careers in this growing healthcare field. Through hands-on and theoretical training, students will be educated in a broad range of subjects, such as infection control, personal care skills, basic nursing, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and interpersonal skills. Students will also become CPR certified as part of their nursing assistant training program.

A large part of the training at nursing assistant schools is hands-on in nature, with students gaining experience in the school’s clinical rooms, as well as through professional clinical opportunities. Through these experiences, students will learn what it is like to work in a healthcare facility so that they’re as prepared as possible to begin their careers after completing their nursing assistant training program.

Why Jolie?

With a strong commitment to student success, Jolie stands out among other nursing assistant schools. In addition to a comprehensive program of study, students here can look forward to flexible schedules, dedicated instructors and an intent focus on ensuring that every student receives the best possible education. Whether it’s studying for an exam, looking for their first job or preparing for an interview, Jolie’s broad network of support services help ensure that every student receives the best possible start to their new healthcare career.

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