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Main Reasons to Choose Jolie Academy’s Phlebotomy Training

When deciding to enroll in a phlebotomy training program, it’s important to remember that the success of your career hinges on the quality of the education you receive. Scheduling school visits, speaking to professionals in the field and checking accreditation statuses will help you make an educated choice so that you can determine which phlebotomy training program is best for you.

Qualities of the Jolie Academy Phlebotomy Training Program

At Jolie Academy, we pride ourselves on providing students with a comprehensive phlebotomy program that will create a strong foundation on which to build a successful career. Small class sizes, experienced instructors and a solid reputation are all hallmarks of a Jolie Academy education, as is a solid support network of career professionals who work together with a single goal in mind: to help you achieve your goals.

Student-Teacher Ratio

Small class sizes allow instructors to know each of their students on a personal level and enable them to provide you with personalized instruction that is aimed at your specific educational needs. You’ll also receive plenty of one-on-one instruction in the student clinic as you learn to perform the various venipuncture techniques that will become so vital to your career.

Hands-on Focus

As a student in the Jolie Academy phlebotomy training program, you won’t just learn about venipuncture concepts; you’ll also become a highly-skilled phlebotomist through many hours of hands-on training. From preparing a patient for venipuncture to applying a tourniquet and selecting a vein, you’ll graduate with firsthand experience in all aspects of blood collection.

Student Support Services

As your training program comes to a close, our student support team will help you prepare for what’s ahead: an entry-level career in a medical facility. Our staff maintains a strong network of connections with hiring personnel at hospitals, diagnostic labs and other medical facilities to help students land their first jobs after graduation. These professionals also help with resume preparation, career guidance and interviewing skills to ensure you leave the program well-prepared for the road ahead.

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