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Best Makeup Schools

A career in the makeup industry is a dream for many men and women. As a makeup professional, you may work as a cosmetics representative, apply makeup to clients in a salon, work as a makeup artist in theater productions or work with models on photography shoots.

Wherever your career in the makeup industry takes you, it will start in the same place – makeup school. Makeup schools are generally part of a larger cosmetology school that trains students for careers as hairstylists, manicurists, makeup artists and skin care specialists. In most makeup schools, students who are interested in becoming makeup artists must enroll in the general cosmetology program. This program of study focuses not only on makeup application, but also on hair care, manicuring and esthetics.

Makeup schools that provide students with such a well-rounded education in the cosmetology profession are excellent choices as they give students more areas in which to work. A makeup school graduate who can give manicures, cut hair and give coloring treatments, for example, will be in much higher demand than those who can only apply makeup. If you’re thinking about heading to makeup school, here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a school.

  • Ask about the school’s accreditation and licensing status and forget about any makeup school that doesn’t meet both standards. Accreditation standards are maintained by third-party oversight agencies while licensing standards are maintained by the state. Both look at nearly the same aspects of a school to ensure it provides a proper education, has experienced instructors and maintains a safe, learning-conducive environment.
  • Check out the physical space of the school. One of the best ways to get a good feel for a makeup school is to make an appointment to visit and tour the facility. During your tour, look at the different classes to see how many students are in each class. Other things to look for include the cleanliness and professionalism of the facility, the presence of a student clinic and a general feeling of contentment and excitement among students.
  • Figure out who the instructors are. Instructors in makeup schools will be the ones who’ll give you the tools you’ll need to succeed in the industry. Make sure the makeup school you choose hires professional makeup artists with plenty of real-world experience. They should also have a good repertoire with students and a passion for educating students and preparing them for a career after graduation.

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