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Jolie Academy Esthetician Classes

Learning the Art of Skin Care in Jolie Academy Esthetician Classes

Students enrolled in the esthetician program at Jolie Academy receive a comprehensive education in the art of skin care, including how to give facials, how to apply makeup and how to remove unwanted hair. At the conclusion of their training, students will be well-prepared to take the state licensing exam and begin their careers in a salon or spa as a professional esthetician.

What to Expect

Students enrolled in esthetician classes at Jolie Academy can expect to receive a combination of hands-on and theoretical training in all aspects of skin care. At the beginning of their training, students will spend much of their time in the classroom where they’ll develop a foundation on which to build and develop their skills. Topics such as infection control, hygiene, anatomy and physiology and common skin conditions will be stressed heavily here, as will professional skills such as communicating with clients and managing inventory.

With the foundation set, students will then transition into hands-on training, both in their esthetician classes and the student clinic. Through this experience, students will spend many hours learning how to apply facials, apply wax for hair removal, give makeovers and give thorough skin evaluations. This experience is critical to the esthetician in training, giving them ample opportunities to learn and develop their skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

Career Preparation

As students finish their esthetician classes and head towards graduation, the focus will shift again towards ensuring that each student is well-prepared for the state licensing exam and their future careers. Exam preparation classes will provide a review of the entire skin care program, while Jolie Academy’s staff of experienced career services professionals help students prepare for their job search through interviewing tips, job search strategies and resume preparation.

The career services department can also be instrumental in helping students discover all of the job opportunities available to them, such as working in a salon, a vacation resort or a cosmetics company. Students will also have the training and experience to work as a makeup artist, in a salon, at a spa or even for a professional photography studio.

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