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Professional Wedding Makeup

Many brides-to-be plan on having their hair and nails done professionally for their big day; but what about their makeup?

The fact is, that professional makeup is one of the most important parts of a girl’s wedding day style. Without it, she will look washed out and plain in her photographs, and with too much of it, she risks looking like somebody else altogether (hopefully not a clown!).

As someone headed for a career as a professional makeup artist, you can expect your makeup training to teach you how to enhance a bride’s appearance so she looks her best for her big day. In fact, that’s one of the best wedding make up tips you’ll learn in your makeup training — that your job is to enhance your client’s appearance — not make her look like somebody totally different. What this means, is that the makeup application you give a woman who rarely wears makeup will be drastically different than that of someone who wears a faceful of makeup everyday.

Other factors that will affect the professional makeup application you give a bride-to-be is the wedding’s theme, the color of her dress, the hairstyle she plans on wearing and the time of day the wedding is being held. You’ll also need to consider the bride’s wishes regarding how much makeup she envisions herself wearing on her wedding day. Just because you think she’d look great with a smokey eye, for instance, doesn’t mean she’ll feel comfortable with such a bold look.

Wedding Make Up Tips

During your makeup training, you’ll learn a variety of wedding make up tips that will help you in your career. A few of these makeup training tips include:

  • Wear waterproof. Most brides shed a few tears at their wedding; and even if they don’t, a night full of dancing can cause makeup to melt and run. To make sure her face looks its best all night, every bride should wear waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation and primer on her wedding day.
  • Blend well. Learning how to blend makeup well will be one of the fundamentals of your makeup training. And although this technique is important in all professional makeup applications, it’s particularly important on a bride’s wedding day since the camera can be very unforgiving to visible makeup lines.
  • Do a run through. Have the bride-to-be come in for an appointment about a month before her wedding for a pre-wedding professional makeup application. This will give you a chance to try out a few different looks on her, along with a chance to ensure that she’s not allergic to any of the makeup products you plan to use.

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