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Skin Care Specialty Classes in New Jersey

Whether you’re training to become a cosmetologist or a skin esthetician, you’ll be required to take multiple skin care classes as you prepare for your career. These classes provide students with a comprehensive education in both skin physiology and skin treatment procedures to give students the training and knowledge they need to pass the New Jersey state licensing exam and begin their careers.

What to Expect from Your Skin Care Classes

The classes you take in cosmetology school will include a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on work. In the classroom, instructors will teach the critical information related to the skin care industry, such as the anatomy and physiology of the skin, common skin disorders, medical terminology, patient psychology and advanced skin analysis. Then, through hands-on training, you’ll learn how to perform the different techniques of a skin esthetician by working on mannequins and your fellow students. As your skills develop, you’ll also begin working in the student clinic, a real-world salon that provides students with the invaluable experience of working on clients prior to graduation. In the clinic, you’ll likely give facials, perform microdermabrasion treatments, remove unwanted hair, apply special occasion makeup and give body wraps as a skin esthetician in training.

Preparing for the Licensing Exam

One of the main objectives of your skin care classes, will be to give you the knowledge and training you’ll need to pass the New Jersey state licensing exam for skin estheticians. This exam tests your understanding of the skin care industry, and ensures you have the skills required to work in a salon or spa. Schools in New Jersey spend ample time preparing students for this exam, ensuring they give them a solid foundation in the fundamental areas of the skin esthetician career field.

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